Saturday, June 19, 2010

Part 3: Response to comments to Feminist with Traditional Values/Beliefs

Part 3:

First I need to indicate that this blog post is response three (3) of four (4) and is in reference to the comments made to the previous post, “Feminist with Traditional Values/Beliefs – Answer to blog post question.” If you haven’t already you may want to read the comments to the mentioned post so that this new post makes sense to you.

First Anonymous comment: Although I do not understand fully what it means to be in a lesbian relationship I can appreciate your journey. I, however, cannot agree with you and your partners desire to only associate yourselves with female oriented teachings, writings, groups, activities, etc. Although I respect that this is your choice, as for many others in this world the other 49% of this population is male and whether we are lesbian or not we will have to live, work, and encounter our male family members, colleagues, bosses, friends, and even lovers. I do not believe that your message of separation and from what I deem hatred for the male race is a healthy or an appropriate message for young women. I do think however, that we can find a positive common message which does celebrate everything that there is about being a female and all of the powerful and yes world changing characteristics that we have and should present to young women whether straight or lesbian. Also to your P.S. I think it would be great to have a forum of discussion where we can find one common voice which balances all of our different perspectives…the ability to balance, appreciate, and take into account others feelings, thoughts, and ideas is one of the many awesome characteristics of women!!! 

To Anonymous 3 (or the comment after the P.S.): I wish that the definition of traditional hierarchy was not the norm and yes I do believe outside of the big picture Church it is as you say “no longer a valuable reference for grappling with the cultural challenges we must faces as individuals.” Unfortunately, though within broader Church culture (making a very generalized statement; I of course have not been in every church, denomination, gathering, etc.) this definition of patriarchal dominated culture is still very much alive and is hindering the growth and message presented to all women, but for me most importantly to young women. I applaud you for not only assessing your gifts for what you bring to only your spouse or children, as I feel the same I want to be measured by my Lord for the gifts that were given to me and that measurement to be based on what I do to change my world no matter how big or small. I however, believe we need to learn to celebrate with all women in all walks of life no matter the choice that they make. Yes, we have access to power, but what is power? What does power look like and how is it defined. Power to me as women is about how I significantly change the world around using all of the talents I have been blessed with and assisting in the transforming power of the Word of God to all of the world’s people. Yes, as women we should not only be defined but what male dominated society has said we are supposed to be. In fact, in my relationship Andrew is the more emotionally sensitive partner while I am the stronger more leader oriented partner. As I was trying to state before (although I don’t know if I made it very clear) it is not about a dominating hierarchal structure where male is on top and female is on bottom it is about a balance between where the two of you in your relationship find a way to communicate using the unique characteristics and gifts that were given to you as within both male and female or female to female. What I wanted to do was to share with how I learned to appreciate and celebrate the power of the women who loved every part of being in a “traditionally” deemed marriage. I want to show value to those women as much as I want to show value to my relationship with Andrew which is way different from the “traditional” roles. We, Andrew and I, are a balance to one another and I lift him up as a man of God just as he lifts me up as a woman of God both with our own individualistic characteristics which makes us unique as man and woman.

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