Monday, November 12, 2012

A Country Divided - A Sovereign God

I do not hide the fact nor make excuses that my faith governs my life and plays an enormous and truly the most important part in dictating who I am, how I live, how I love, how I treat others and what I should do in this world. I felt it was important to make this statement before I continue this post. I believe in transparency and feel that perhaps the inauthenticity of our culture is potentially one of the most destructive aspects of what is plaguing us today.

As a simple observer my heart breaks for the division my country, the United States, is feeling currently after this election. It is not important as to which candidate I personally voted for, as I am neither overly joyed or angry as to who is currently in office. In fact, I was quite disappointed in the choices that I had before me when casting my vote, if I am going to be completely honest. I chose to vote for the person who represented my views within the context of economics, social issues, security of our nation, and foreign policy. Between the two main candidates they both ranked higher and lower on each of the categories that I based my vote on and I had to make the ultimate choice to represent my vision for America.

I want to state that again, I voted for the candidate which represented MY vision for America. We are a country divided because half of our country felt victory and half of our country felt defeat because THEIR vision for America may or may not have been realized and solidified.

But I challenge both sides to step back and to ask ourselves, how did we get to a place where literally split down the middle are two different ideologies which at least described amongst media outlets have a visceral hate toward the other. To the extent that the "talking heads" on BOTH sides are making incredibly mean spirited and quite ignorant commentary and descriptions of those within the opposite party.

SHAME on us SHAME on us. We are a great nation which gives the RIGHT for its citizens to vote freely with out duress and consequence. Many who came before us fought tirelessly for the rights which we as the citizens of the United States are able to practice. Even the right to openly disagree or agree with passionate rhetoric. There are so many in this world who do not and may never understand the truest blessing of having our voice heard and counted no matter the outcome. We don't know the terror and fear so many of our brothers and sisters around the world face when they attempt to ask for liberty or whisper in the depths for change. Shame on us for showing the world how spoiled we are and how much we take our freedoms for granted.

The world is always watching America, what is our response. How will we lead by humble example that we are a nation which respects, cherishes, honors its leaders and the rights which we have fought so hard to keep and which we attempt to inspire other citizens of this world to desire.

I serve a sovereign God who is all knowing. Who is walking side by side with our president and our leaders. Who will not leave either side even if His name and council is not sought. Because we are a nation who understands the greatness of prayer.

To my brothers and sisters who call Jesus their savior. We are asked to love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbors. As my friend Chris Huertz challenges us, our friendships and our love for our neighbors should be no less then the love that Jesus had for Judas full knowing he would betray Him.

I started this post speaking about transparency and authenticity. My challenge Church is to love, to reach out, to care for, to fight for, to show Jesus in all ways. No matter the outcome we are called to lived like Jesus. We are called to humble ourselves and be servants of this world and create Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

For those who do not necessarily understand or agree with my faith. There is something amazing about knowing that a savior loves you for who you are and is willing to meet you where you are no matter the judgements of this world. God invites you to the table, I invite you to the table in agreement and disagreement you are my brother you are my sister and I love you as Jesus loves you.

A perfectly tarnished child of God