Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank goodnes no Hallmark commercials

Have you noticed that they are not running all those sappy Hallmark commercials...Well I have to admit I am soooo grateful to whom ever in the marketing department at Hallmark decided that they should cut back on the commercial budget this year. I seem to be crying at everything, for those who know me well you can attest that I do not cry at very many things and emotions for me are something that I keep very close, but since taking all of this fertility medication I have been a sobbing fool :)

I cry at everything...commercials, cartoons, t.v. shows, movies, families enjoying the winter day, my family eating under the Christmas tree at the Walnut room (which we have been doing every year)...I mean this is ridiculous! So needless to say I have been really happy that the Hallmark commercials have been few and far between this year.

In addition to sobbing at anything and everything, I have felt a bit nauseous and achy again side effects from the drugs. I asked if this was normal and they told me its like PMSing but for longer and stronger. Oh and the hot flashes that I have been getting...I have a new found respect for women in menopause which I am thinking great I have to feel this way again in like 20 years or so (maybe less).

Please pray we are hoping for good news and the ability to start at least trying the process. So far all trials have come up negative and we have not even been given the chance to try any of the pregnancy procedures. I am still hoping for a New Years miracle and to be blessed with perfect angel(s).

I pray for this life (or lives) which I know the Lord will bless Andrew and I with, I pray for their future, I pray for their health, I pray for their development within me one day and when they come into this world. I pray for their protection from the harshness of what our world is becoming. I pray they will be like children and have dreams, wonderment, imaginations for as long as I can protect those beautiful characteristics. I pray for their mental health and well-being. I pray for Andrew and I to be wise and active parents. To appreciate each one of the little angels that God blesses us with for their uniqueness and gifts. To guide them, encourage them, support them, and love them unconditionally. To celebrate with them, know when to scold and punish, understand when to push them forward, and hold back. I am not even pregnant yet, but I know my Lord is faithful and their little lives are destine for great things no matter where they go. I love you my little angels...


sharonie said...

bren, i love that you are bloggin! LOVE IT!!!!! I am praying for you dear friend.

Judith and Lance said...

Brenda -- oh my, reading this takes me right back to 5+ years ago when we were trying desperately to get pregnant, it was so hard and now I can barely remember the pain and heartache we experienced during that time. Hang in there and KEEP believing, when you get pregnant those ladies who were pregnant before you will be a distant, silly memory!

Brytne Stewart said...

Love you Bren!!!

Beth said...

Your mother-in-law is crying now too. You're a gem, Brenda. So glad God brought you and Andrew together. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why this disappointment and pain is happening for you. But I do know without any doubt that someday this “valley” will be behind you - and it will be behind some day - for I know that God will answer our prayers. That you will recieve amazing joy and fulfillment. More than you can believe. God is faithful to His Own.
Honey, I am so very proud of you. I’ve seen you grow and mature into an amazing young lady. One who loves her husband and stands with him as a support. One who is growing in her faith.
You are special and worth so much. God is using you dear niece. As that beautiful song says “the voice of truth is telling you a different story”. His glory will be seen through your trial. It will happen for you! For He is able to do exceedingly above what we can ever dream or imagine.
I am praying for you today!
Love you

becky said...

Bren I Love you So much!! Your strength and faithfulness is so encouraging to me and I know that God is using you to also touch the lives of many other women and couples. I am truely proud to call you my big sister!