Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tough, Gritty, and Beautiful - Women in the Olympics

For the first time every country participating in the Olympics sent a female athlete to compete and represent her country. Additionally, the United States sent more female athletes and the female athletes of the USA definitely pulled their weight proving to be amazing competitors and winners in their elective sports.

One of the best descriptions about female athletes came after the gold medal match in women's soccer (football) where the USA took on Japan and the US women's team won Gold.

"Tough, gritty, and beautiful" stated one commentator, a male commentator, about the women's soccer (football) team.

I loved hearing this description. I have written a few pieces on this blog about femininity and the "lost in translation" definition it has become in today's society. Especially, in the USA.

Femininity has been so closely linked to sexuality that I think we have actually forgotten the strength and spirit behind the sense women should feel when describing their femininity. The reason I loved the description above from the male sports commentator is the complexity and variance in the words used to describe the women's soccer (football) team and perhaps the very accomplished women's USA Olympic delegation.

I have sometimes wondered why I feel this "subconscious" need to be a circle peg to fit in when I was created with so many more edges. Tough, gritty, and beautiful; why would I want to shave off any of those descriptors.

Just some random thoughts for today...

Love a perfectly tarnished child of God

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