Friday, August 3, 2012

The only thing I am going to say about Chick-fil-a

Now that the dust has settled I hope and pray we can all have deeper more productive conversations.

Yes freedom of speech and religion are vital to our soul as a nation. It would be a huge catastrophe to loose a basic and held dear right which so many have fought and lost their lives.

On the flip side we have to also understand the complexity of what "it" also became and how other American citizen
s, specifically the LGBT community, would feel and do feel with regards to being discriminated against and are not able to partake in the same and equal benefits. In addition to the hurt they feel toward where some of the money has gone in support of groups, organizations, and initiatives which specifically fight against or attempt to "repair" the LGBT citizens. 

The issue at hand is far more complicated when it comes to faith and sexuality. I feel as a nation we should be united in the protection of free speech and religion and we should be united in the equal benefits to all US citizens even in disagreement. All sides need to come to the table...

A perfectly tarnished child of God

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