Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow - I really am not good at blogging :)

I know I owe some posts about questions and comments from previous blogs. I must apologize as I have them almost ready to go. Not to make any excuses but I have had some major personal items happen in my life and well I pretty much dropped everything and decided it would be best to leave it all behind and not think about anything.

So that is what I have done for the past few days. I took a much needed long (well very long) weekend off and spent time with family and friends. I went to the beach soaked up as much sun as possible for a northern girl - on a side note I feel like I have so much tan potential I just don't ever seem to get it :( it could be because I so far have spent a total of 8 days in the sun. This summer has been incredibly busy.

okay back to the post...Anyway I will answer all the questions and comments because I think they need to be talked about and discussed. Especially amongst this next generation. Turtle Woman I want to send a big thank you for reminding many of us in my generation of the ground work that has been laid by so many who came before us. We read and hear stories, but sometimes we forget to feel and experience. Thank you for challenging us to feel and experience. I have really been inspired to make sure I fully embrace all that I am trying to do as a young women looking for her Christian Feminist voice!

On a totally new issue (sorry this post is jumpy). One of the big personal issues I am facing is a forced new career. My company which I have enjoyed in many ways being a part of is facing the same effects as so many others in this economy. Although, I have not been laid off yet or asked to leave yet the writing is on the walls and I really need to figure out a new career path. If any of you are in the Chicago land area and know of some openings or have any ideas I am all ears. I stated in an earlier post that I am doing some soul searching and really want to find a position that is making significant changes in this world. I am still doing my soul searching and seem to be coming up empty. I think I am more confused about this decision then I was when I was asked to choose a major in my undergraduate studies. Any advice and/or opportunities is greatly appreciated.

I promise I will clear my mind and be back to my regular posting soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!


Turtle Woman said...

Who says you are not good at blogging? Brenda, I think you are great at blogging! You can't always keep up with the commentary and counter posts, but that's a separate issue.

I hope you can spend some time figuring out how to move to a better job or career... this economy is driving all my clients nuts as well. Too much uncertainty.

For what it's worth, I came up with a kind of job/career strategy that suited me well. Here are some things I considered that worked well for me over the past 20 some years.

1. Find work that is inherently interesting and intellectually challenging.
2. Make sure you have complete control over your hours.
3. Stay away from jobs where you won't have much control over your income, or where "personality" interferes with promotions.
4. Don't have direct male bosses, unless they are non-white.
5. Build income quickly, so that you'll have enough savings by age 40 to create alternative income streams.
6. If you aren't already, get very good at math and numbers.
7. Think through a possible career in terms of interest and income.
8. Stay away from non-profits--low income, too many hours, just exploitation of women written all over them.
9. Be able to build your own network of colleagues outside existing systems.
10. Keep educating yourself, and getting ideas about the structures you'll be dealing with.
11. Be sure to meet top women in your field and keep up with them.

Jon Trouten said...

I agree with Turtle Woman. You must be doing something right with your blog 'cuz you always have comments and something interesting to say. :)

Nathalie A. said...

thanks for blogging about the difficulty of blogging! what a blessing for us all!

much love and prayer,

if you seek, God will surely guide. Hang in there! i'm on a similar road. it's been hard and tough but DO NOT forsake God, for God will surely HONOR you!