Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Honor of Women's Eqaulity Day - August 26th

I am not sure exactly what words to use or reflections to speak on. I must admit that when I began writing my feelings and thoughts about women it was really a challenge from another woman to explain my thoughts (thank you Rachel). However, as a young woman trying to find a voice and discovery fully who her identity is in Christ and in this world I am humbled by those women that came before me.

So today I say thank you. If the voices of women in the past did not rise up and their fight for equality did not take place I would not have been able to play sports in school, attend what ever university I wanted, vote, make decisions over my marriage, my body, my health, have a career, be promoted, climb the corporate ladder, get a masters degree, dream about being anything, own property...own my life and my liberty to pursue happiness...

Thank you

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Turtle Woman said...

Thanks Brenda.