Thursday, March 24, 2011

Officially Speaking with The Marin Foundation

Hi all:

Well as I have been on a very bumpy ride within my life so far I have also been asked on occasion to share my story. I have fallen in love with speaking to groups on a variety of topics. The audiences have been different and the subject matters wide, but I have loved it.

So I want to officially announce that I am available through The Marin Foundation to speak. If you would like to have me come and share or you know of a group and would like to suggest for me to share I would be delighted. Please check out my brief bio under the staff page and also check out my speakers bio under the resources tab. You can inquire about having me speak at your event by emailing

My journey in this life is far from finished, but I want to give voice to those areas which I have been emotionally and physically wrestling through. I don't have all the answers, but I do have a very compassionate heart which has had to go through some bumps and bruises. Being stripped from all identity and finding my solace in the Lord is humbling and empowering.

My professional, educational, and personal experiences make for some interesting conversations and talks. I hope you would agree!!!

I look forward to being at one of your events!

A perfectly tarnished child of God


OneSmoothStone said...

Such a great idea. You are going to be amazing and touch so many lives!

Rachel said...

Yippee and I see that this week you're speaking not only in the same country as me but in the same town! If you and Andrew would like to pop round for dinner tomorrow at our holiday chalet in Minehead we'd be delighted to see you. I'll even risk giving my no. publically - I'm on 07989 615247 so do text or call if you'd like to join us.

Turtle Woman said...

Hey, what a concept, a woman speaking before groups on behalf of the male dominated show that is Marin foundation.