Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interesting Video from Newlife Blog

As I was reading some of the blogs attached to my own blog I came across this very interesting video with Newlife (here). If you have a moment please listen to the linked video and the interviewed professor. As someone who is new and breaking away from the oppressive baggage I have carried with my institutionalized church setting, I really appreciate the information being presented.

Information from the Newlife blog:

"Ben Witherington III, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, talks to Simon Smart from the Centre for Public Christianity about the revolutionary nature of Jesus’ treatment of women."

8 min. video: http://vimeo.com/14172103

Please let me know what your thoughts are?

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Nathalie A. said...

wow! brenda! i REALLY appreciated the information presented in the video as well! thank you so much for posting it! it took me awhile to finally watch it but something said be sure to check it out. its only 8 mins and a powerful 8 minutes at that.

i liked the fresh perspective that given the historical and social context of the time of jesus and early christianity, christianity actually was very LIBERATORY/LIBERATIVE of women. which is awesome. i loved his reference to luke 8:1-3, where jesus is traveling with women he was not related to, like his disciples, that was UNCUSTOMARY at that time and would have been seen as heathen like. though i read the verses and some could argue that the women were only taking care of the men- i'm guessing helping with food and grooming and not so much leadership and teaching. however, nonetheless jesus was walking with them and men at that time when men did not travel ith women publicly that they were not relateed to.

i have also been told that christianity is oppressive to women from society and saw some inequalities in the church myself, so its great to have another pespective.

i also like how he put the verses in corinthians 13 and timothy into prespective as not taking the verses literally for each situation but as advice paul gave for the problem in that specific church.

i'd love to do more research on this. i'd actually read his dissertation. lol.

i think more people in the world need to hear this perspective. i've had friends say that they do not believe in female pastors because there were no female disciples in the bible. well joanna, susanna and mary magdalene really challenge that. i'd love to show this video in my church. i may shake some feathers.

wow. i'd just love to have a discussion on this. because as he said, christianity radical liberation of women doesn't discount that some churches have been oppressive. but christianity in its essence is not oppressive. also the statement "the abuse of something does not negate its proper use." powerful.

with this knowledge, i'd love to discuss, how we can help make some churches less oppressive that are to women. we need to speak up more. silence is complacent.

you're a gem.
keep on keeping on.
you're not alone.

i'm praying for you.