Monday, May 3, 2010

Lessons Learning :)

Yes, I know the title of this blog is grammatically incorrect. However, as in life I am constantly learning new things and hope to always be discovering, learning, experiencing until the end.

Okay that being said. I wanted to pass on a few lessons I am learning through this whole infertility process. Infertility is expensive. There is no way around the cost and it truly is very unfair that so many are not able to even attempt the procedures because the cost is so prohibitive. I wish I had some awesome advice on grants and loans on how to pay for the procedure or possibly a less expensive clinic or option, but that I have not discovered yet. But if you find yourself wanting to try the infertility journey these are some of the cost saving methods I am learning (or wish I had learned before). Just to be clear and honest through my insurance I do have an infertility benefit, but it has a very small lifetime maximum so I have had to be diligent in watching every penny and asking some very embarrassing questions about cost and medical necessity and if I can pay for this procedure out of pocket or on a payment plan.

So here are the lessons:
1. Your OBGYN can run a lot of the preliminary tests for you and you can request (or demand) that he/she bill out as medical necessity for pre-pregnancy testing. Most of us have OBGYN coverage and most of the time these items are covered by our insurance. So if you do not have infertility coverage or if you are like me and have a very limited amount of coverage this is a way to have your insurance pay or have it not be billed against your infertility maximums
2. Always ask what the cost of a procedure or test is going to be. Talk to your doctor about the medical necessity. Ask if you paid out of pocket for this procedure what would be the cost and request to have it not be billed against your insurance
3. The medications are horribly expensive so again humble yourself and beg for samples that may be available. They are always getting samples in from the drug companies and usually they have a pack or two you can potentially bum off of them :)
4. Call around for the cost associated with the medications. Different companies definitely have different prices. Plus the clinic you are with should be able to suggest the drug company they work closer with and that company should have a discounted rate
5. Be honest with your doctor about your finances. You would be surprised at how they can work with you or be flexible with payments. They do care and they do want to see you have a child

Okay those are the lessons I am learning with regards to finances. To watch the cost I have created a spreadsheet which adds up the total cost and subtracts away from the total lifetime cap that I have with my insurance. I hope this helps some of you...


April said...

One thing I've personally learned with PCOS is that cutting sugar - TOTALLY - from your diet can eliminate the infertility part of it. If you want more info on this or natural treatments, email me. Andrew has my contact info.

Anonymous said...

Do you have PCOS? I think that getting rid of wheat helps. If this is your problem only, I bet the blood type diet can help. I can give you all the connections you need, & if you really want to see the dr., he's in Connecticut. But you don't need him. Just get on the diet & most likely your body will normalize!
After the baby comes, I can direct you to LaLeche League! :) :)
Please, I'd love to help!!!!
Mrs T