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My Resume... Anybody... Thoughts... Not sure I want a corporate job anymore...

Below is a snap shot of my professional life. I guess it kind of defines who I am and what I can do... but on this journey of really figuring out what the Lord has in store for me I am trying to figure out what all of the experiences of my past mean to my future. I don't believe I want another corporate job. I enjoy teaching, training, problem solving, consulting, and strategy. I view the world holistically and approach it in a linear fashion. Who am I... where am I going... I do know that what I want to do eventually will have a bigger goal and purpose then simply making money...


To continue a career directed toward constant growth with a focus on organizational evolution with a direct correlation to the organization’s strategic initiatives.


Covenant Services Worldwide January 2006 – December 2010
Bolingbrook, IL
Manager of Business Operations (March 2008 – Present)
Promoted within the organization: Managed all aspects of the Special Projects, Training and International Divisions. Assisted in the strategic development of business opportunities, managed continuous communication and relationship enhancement, guided process flow of business leads, contractual requirements, and follow through. Served as the liaison to the centralized support staff and provided compliance control with existing contracts as the centralized support for multiple decentralized operations.

• Increased revenue by 41.51% from 2008 to 2009 by establishing and managing a streamlined process flow

of documentation from the business lead to the finished project creating a more effective and efficient

method in utilizing the centralized office support and reducing significant waste in personnel time for both domestic and international initiatives.

• Improved turnaround time and project efficiency by 150% by developing precise domestic and global

market focused contractual documents which streamlined the communications with the customer and effectively provided constant information and direction to the back office centralized support throughout the entire process by the elimination of process excess.

• Analyzed and provided calculated recommendations of contractual agreements with over $400,000 in domestic contracts and $2,000,000 in international contract revenue between new customers, teaming agreements, and consultants.

• Continuously communicated with department leads to conceptualize organizational goals, leads,

business development, budgets, and short and long term initiatives.

• Lead the Special Projects, Training, and International divisions in development, procurement, costing, and

writing of proposal documents. Coordinated the expertise and knowledge base of the centralized office

and combined the efforts into a concise document.

• Aided in the strategic development of a comprehensive transition team during the acquisition of new

contracts encouraging the open communication, development, and engagement of the newly acquired employees utilizing a variety of organizational development theories.

• Worked closely with strategic planning teams to create smooth transition and flow into a global market –

both organizationally and competitively.

• Provided internal and external marketing support dealing primarily with press releases, tradeshows, quarterly news letters, and internal communications.

Manager of Employee Relations & Training (January 2006 – March 2008)
Managed and partnered with four divisions of an affiliate of companies on a variety of different projects and programs including company wide organizational development, employee relations, training and development, industry trends, communications, and employee enhancement with a direct relation to the overall strategy.

• Established and wrote an Organizational Development and Effectiveness Department for Covenant Services Worldwide and the four affiliate companies.

• Developed and designed a program for employees, managers, and leadership centered on learning and training entitled “Covenant University” – fulfilling a company goal of creating knowledgeable and trained leaders throughout the company and its affiliates.

• Directed training and coaching initiatives as established by the needs of Covenant and its family of affiliates concentrating on an environment of continual sustainable learning.

• Led the employee relations initiatives which focused on learning, investigations, employee involvement, culture understanding, organizational growth, and legal responses gauging our progress through surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

• Managed organization wide EEOC investigations and charges, labor relation responses, and union grievances.

• Supported the Human Resources efforts with recruitment and turnaround strategies when new contracts were awarded.

THE CITY OF NAPERVILLE September 2005 – January 2006
Naperville, IL
Temporary Contract – HR/ORE
Supported the daily activities performed by the HR professional team to the director of HR/ORE. Aided in all projects, events, research, and analysis of ongoing and special assignments.

CALVARY CHURCH NAPERVILLE January 2005 – September 2005
Naperville, IL
Project Development Assistant
Created smooth transition from one occurrence to the next, understanding the before, during and after of each project, presentation, meeting and event allowing for positive and productive outcomes.

Niger, Africa & Chicago, IL
Managing Director of Non-Profit Initiatives – Africa
Direct liaison to the Niger Governmental Heads of State implementing private and governmental contracts to develop non-profit projects for the creation of economic growth in Niger and the Northwest Region of Africa.

• Directed an international team on a $3 mil. contract for start-up of Job and Cultural Awareness programs.

• Managed the implementation team of a $5 mil. contract for the acquisition of a sewing factory compound.

• Participated in ongoing negotiations for Niger Dam Projects and Auto Plant Project for the purpose of building an educational system and relocation of 20,000 people.

• Sold investors on the Non-Profit Initiative Programs through planning and organizing fund raising events.

• Managed the implementation and development of the Niger development Trust, LLC (NDT), the Non-Profit subsidiary of PTI.

• Managed and directed target marketing and culture research regarding the impact of Parker Transnational Industries and Niger Development Trust on the country of Niger.


Benedictine University Lisle, IL June 2005 – June 2007
Dual Graduate Program
MBA: Masters in Business Administration
Concentration: International Business
MS MOB: Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior
Concentration: Organizational Development
Graduate Certificate: Training and Development
Graduate Certificate: Business Administration

Drake University Des Moines, IA August 1998 – December 2002
Dual Majors: International Business and Marketing
Drake University Academic and Achievement Scholarship for four consecutive years

University of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch, South Africa January 2001 – July 2001
Concentration: Sub-Saharan Region of Africa


Proficient with Microsoft Word, Office, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Windows, Publisher and the Internet


English (primary), German (basic conversational/written skills), Afrikaans (basic conversational)

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